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Gay Crusader

Gay Crusader

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Type Motor Yacht
Length 35ft
Beam 9ft
Draft 3ft
Displacement 11.59 tons
Engine Gray 4cyl petrol
Construction Mahogany on larch
Builder Gibbs, Teddington
Year Built 1935

Sub. Lieut. T.H. Rodgers was Gay Crusaders’ skipper when she went to Dunkirk and Tough's records show her crew as: B. Kearns, L.R. Missingen and C.H. Newers. After the war, one of her owners had a serious accident in her, which badly damaged her starboard bow. Although this was patched up, she was then kept ashore and completely dried out so that her planks opened up. Her next owner had her re-caulked, but when he took her out, she nearly sank. He decided to cut his losses and sold her but the next owner had equally bad luck, this time with her engines, which let him down every time. Despite this long chain of woe and a series of owners she was rescued by the Dunkirk Little Ships Restoration Trust. They have now sold her to a new owner who has almost completed her restoration and intends to be at Dunkirk for the Reunion in June 2000

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