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This is The King in the 1920's, Still steam powered.

Type Thames Passenger Launch
Length 81ft
Beam 14ft 6ins
Draft 5ft 5ins
Displacement 40.80 tons
Engine Originally steam, then Thornycroft 75 Diesel then re-engined in 1989 with a Ford 120 hp
Construction Teak on oak
Builder H. Tagg, East Molesey
Year Built 1902
Operators Harry Tagg(1902-1915)
Joseph Mears(1916-1946),
Thames Launches (1946-1985)
Gary Beckwith(1985-1989)
Current Events LTD(1989 - 1994)
Morris Tolhurst (1994 - Current) (Laid Up)



The King is in desperate need of saving. Not only is she a Dunkirk Little Ship she is 106 years old.

That's two very good reasons to save her.

She was in service until 14 years ago, I don't know what condition she is in but from the photos she looks pretty sad.

On the plus side she is built from Teak which must be one of the most durable timbers for boatbuilding available.


The Kings plight was brought to our attention by the son of the owner from 1989 to 1994, during that time a great deal of money was invested in the vessel to restore her. He added a new propeller, a new 120hp ford diesel engine, her bow and keel were also strengthened and a few area's of her teak hull were also replaced. The vessels interior saloon also got a makeover with new chairs and tables. But in 1994 business was not good possibly as a result the The Marchioness disaster and she had to be sold.


Her condition now is as you would expect after being layed up for 14 years in the rain. However don't forget she was still in operation 14 years ago so she may not be as bad a she looks. But a survey is the only way to find out.


Her future is secure for the time being as the DLSRT has been assured that she will not be scrapped imminently while a solution is sort for her. Her size makes her difficult to find a buyer for.

She is the type of vessel that could make a good project for a group of volunteers. Or maybe used to rehabilitate people as Resolute is being used to help addicts.


If you have any ideas please let us know.


If you have any information on history, or if you you have any more photographs of her let me know through the contact page.