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The Steam Tug Challenge gets a new owner

After long and difficult negotiations transfer of Challenge to Trinity Buoy Wharf
seemed complete and work had started on preparing her for the trip to London.
Unfortunately Covid-19 struck and TBW had to pull out of the deal.
Chris Bannister had been trying to purchase Cervia in Ramsgate and heard about Challenge
and her plight and got in touch. He has dome much work on her and she is almost
ready to sail to her home port (yet to be confirmed) on the east coast.

Check Challenge's Facebook page for the very latest news.




More pictures on Dorians page



Four vessels that have bee saved by the DLSRT returned to Dunkirk this year.

Lucy Lavers, Fermain V now renamed her original name Silver Queen,

New Britannic and Endeavour. (see below)



More pictures of Dunkirk 2015 trip

In Ramsgate

The Fleet at sea

Lucy Lavers

Prince Michael of Kent visiting Thahila

The Service

After the service

Arthur Taylor, Dunkirk Vet and Trust member

The Fleet in Dunkirk




Skylark IX is a Dunkirk Little Ship that has been lying semi submerged neglected and rotting
in the River Leven at Balloch, West Dunbartonshire after she foundered at
her mooring just after the 70th anniversary of the evacuation at Dunkirk.

But she has not been forgotten and due to the sterling efforts of
Dougie McCann (vice Commodore of the Leven Cruising Club) she has been refloated.
The Royal Navy volunteered to help and some floatation bags were donated by Seaflex , Isle of Wight.

Skylark IX is an important vessel for the Dunkirk Veterans from the North on England and Scotland as she would take
part in the memorial service at Balloch scattering poppies on Loch Leven

Divers from the Royal Navy Diving Group North prepare for the refloating

The Dunkirk veterans held there remembrance service at her on Sunday and laid a wreath....

Divers from the Royal Navy Diving Group North

The DLSRT will help with advise and encouragement with the project to restore her to her former
glory. It's Dougie McCann's wish for her to be at Dunkirk in 2015.

Latest News for Skylark IX (18/12/2013)

We are doing really well at the moment with Skylark although still have a huge mountain to climb
You will know by now that the wee boat is safe and resting in the River Clyde Boat Yard. She is safe now !!!
A team of our guys are mucking her out one day per week to get ready for engine removal and to keep their interest up in this recovery.
We are awaiting final details from Glasgow Nautical College re the engine work- they look happy to receive this possibly from us January 2014

We have also had a meeting with and send off our initial BIG LOTTERY HERITAGE application – we got a positive return on this enquiry stage and I am now in the process of an application to them as we speak.
I would like to utilise your expert eye over this application John of that’s okay – that would be really helpful.

Other great developments include;
We have had the offer from a Glasgow based film company who will present to the BBC our story which they would like to cover as a documentary.
We have also had an offer from a singer songwriter – who will produce a song for us.
We have written, produced and performed three short monologues on Operation Dynamo
We have launched Skylark 600 - looking for 600 people to pay £100. Per head towards the restoration programme giving us £60,00K as an end result hopefully.
We have found a specialist woodcarver willing to teach our recovery clients skills around the boat restoration work.
We have identified a local school to work on a genealogy project of any survivors / family members
We have identified a local boat builder willing to take on the more specialist restoration programme.
We hosted a wartime dance last week and it was like a step back in time and a huge success we made £1200 .00 on the night, (we are now organising the next on eat the request of the local community.)

So other than actually mend the boat ha ha ... we are well on our way to our future plans.
We have been given an estimate of just over 80k to fully restore her so if you know anyone with 80 k that would be wonderful John.
WE ALSO HAVE A BIG DEADLINE OF – MAY 2015 for the 75th anniversary – and we are full steam for this now.




Rescue Wooden Boats who now own Lucy Lavers have received a lottery grant to carry on there good work restoring wooden boats. Lucy Lavers was in the care on the DLSRT for a while from 1997

The grant means that

The grant will also be used on other vessels and projects at Rescue Wooden Boats

See the Lucy Lavers page for a link to Rescue Wooden Boats.

She's been featured on the TV,
See for more.



The new workshops are up and ready at Southampton's Trafalgar Dry Dock.


Dorian to be restored by DLSRT at Southampton
(see Vessels page)







SUNDAY 18th JULY 2010


The day was very well attended and it was a long day for the volunteers but we where
all boosted by the many complimentary remarks made by the visitors.





The return of the Dunkirk Little Ships took place on the May 27th
Here is the Nordmag page with pictures and video.

SOUTHERN QUEEN arrives at Dunkirk




Good news for Lucy Lavers and Rania.

Lucy Lavers is going to the East Coast where she is to be restored to original by Graeme Peart.

Rania is heading for the Lake District where Simon Jones will be restoring her.




27th and 28th June 2009

The DLSRT had a stand at the Lepe Country Park, Exbury, Southampton
for the 65th anniversary of D-Day.

More pictures from the 65th Anniversary of D-Day click HERE




Fermain V attended the Weybridge Mariners event at
Shepperton Lock on 5th September 2009




Fermain V leads Dunkirk Little Ship sail past (Posted 14th May 2008)

The event was The 2008 South of England Rally Riverside Charity Spectacular at Eton on May 11th.


Fermain had our very good friend Sir Robin Knox-Johnston as crew, and the V.I.P. was HRH Prince Michael of Kent.

We lead the Dunkirk Little Ships for the sail past. Followed by Hilfranor, MTB 102, Bluebird of Chelsea,

Gay Venture, Janthea, NaiadErrant. Tom Tit was also attending .

The Royal Yacht Squadron fired a 15 gun salute as we passed the saluting point.

Fermain also did some tripping to raise some cash for the Trust.

 Bluebird of Chelsea above, and Hilfranor below during the sail past at Eton.

Below,  MTB 102


Jerry Lewis with HRH Prince Micheal of Kent.


Southsea Belle for sale   See the Ships for sale page

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