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Sweat shirts in navy embroidered with the trust logo

Sizes available

S (34/36)   M (38/40)  
L (42/44)   XL (46/48)


Polo Shirts in navy and pale blue embroidered with the trust logo

Sizes available

S (34/36)   M (38/40)  
L (42/44)   XL (46/48)



Tee Shirt in white 100% heavy cotton, embroidered with the Trust logo    

Sizes available

   M (38/40)   L (42/44)
   XL (46/48) XXL (50/52)




Cotton Tee Shirts with print of S.T. Challenge


Sizes available

L (42/44)   XL (46/48)
XXL (50/52)




  Baseball Caps Embroidered DLSRT

In navy and light blue


Blazer Badges £10.00  

Trust Lapel Badges. Brooches £2.00
Plus 60p



Child's Silicone Wrist Band printed with I'VE TAKEN THE CHALLENGE in Red Yellow Blue Green and Pink £2.00
Plus 60p

Trust Ties £7.50  

House Flag (wool 24"x18")

House Flag (nylon 18"x12")

House Flag (nylon 26"x20")





Postcard of S. T. Challenge (minimum order 10) .35  
Blank card with
"Steam Tug Challenge"

from an original acrylic by
Marcus Finch B.A.




6 for £10.00


Copy of painting

Challenge in Dry Dock


8"x10.5" = £5.00

11" x 14.5" = £7.00


Posters of S. T. Challenge £1.00  

Book - Paddle Steamers at War 1939 - 1945 £5.00  

DVD - Challenge to the Future


Excellent dvd about Challenge. including a piece by David Dimbleby.

19 Mins

. Working "pop pop" steam tugs

Adult supervision required


Scarborough’s Coronia 

A very comprehensive history of the two Coronias which have sailed out of Scarborough since 1935. 

The Coronia of particular interest to members of the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships is the present Coronia.  Launched in 1935 as Brit, she was taken up by the Admiralty on 16/09/1939 and renamed HMS Watchful based at Great Yarmouth.  After Dunkirk she returned to her duties at Great Yarmouth before being ‘demobbed’in 1945.  There are numerous photgraphs.

 The book also includes history of most of the other pleasure steamers which have plied out of Scarborough over the years.  Proceeds of the book go to the Coronia Restoration Fund.

Softback, 78 pages,210mm x 210mm.  Price £5.95 plus £2.00 p&p.

Only available from :- Coronia, 33a, Throxonby Lane, Scarborough  YO12 5HN, or