Little Ships for Sale


CK69 Vanguard would suit two men with a van - looking for a 'Mission'


Coastal Motorboat Heritage Trust, was given the above craft a few years ago.
(the photographs were taken a few weeks ago).


She is for sale for a silver shilling, to anyone who can convince me that the boat will be restored,
either to put her back in the water with or without engine,or to have her removed to a more suitable or
convenient place (approx cost of carting her from Canvey to Southampton, 800).

However, if "two men and a van" do want to restore her at Canvey, I will personally loan them a workshop / storeroom
where they can operate, free of charge ( it is situated about 30yds from Vanguard) and is 40ft by 12 and has its own flush toilet.

John Cook Secretary of the Trust

The hull is still intact (less the hole cut in her side (above the waterline) by the Fire Brigade)    

John Cook, Coastal Motorboat Heritage Trust phone 079078 95281, 212a Peartree Avenue Southampton, SO19 7RB







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